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Kiley Jo Anderson is a rising senior at the University of Georgia studying Business Administration with a concentration in Banking and Finance and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. She has had her hands in both business and fashion since she was young, beginning with her endeavors as a entrepreneur in friendship bracelets. Using all the money that she had, Kiley bought her capital (aka string and beads) and began her dominance in friendship bracelet sales at Vaughan Elementary school. This passion of merchandising and the arts is exemplified in her work ethic and career goals she has developed throughoAbout Picut her college career.

Upon entering the University of Georgia, Kiley was just like most wide-eyed freshman: eager to mature her interests into a passion, but not quite sure where to start. But with all the opportunities her school had to offer, she dived right in, exploring her interests and networking with her peers, co-workers, and professors both in and out of the classroom. She used these experiences to develop personal and team skills that are translatable into the real world.

Such personal growth developed her passion as well as the foundation for both a hard-working individual and team player. Kiley hopes that she will be able to combine her business background with her interest in fashion to create value at organizatons that practice eco-sustainability and global human rights.

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