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At the University of Georgia, my finance major has required me to take various classes that have taught me how the dollar sign rules the business world. I have found that through research and development, investing, departmental costs, and marketing, businesses are utilizing every effort to make their business more profitable in this "bull" market.

Today's businesses need not another worker, but a knowledge leader who can use their knowledge to direct themselves, others, and the company in a more profitable and positive direction. I believe that my education at UGA alognside my own experiences, have provided me the foundation to be this post-2000s business leader. Technical and managerial knowledge through my corporate, tax, project, and computer finance courses will provide the necessary knowledge for me to reach a higher-level in training and skill building with both my co-workers and senior associates of the business.

Classroom Work: (Requires Microsoft Excel 2007 )

Proctor & Gamble Excel Project

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